Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weekly Predictions

Each week I will make a total of 5 "lock" picks.  I will designate three of them bronze with a confidence in the 70-79 range, two of them silver with a confidence in the 80-89 range and, as you've probably guessed, one gold with a confidence of 90-99.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Pittsburgh at Indianapolis Wrap Up

That wasn't near the blowout I was expected, but as predicted 10 points were far too many to give to a team playing Indy at home...yes, even this year's team.

The final total was 43 making the over 40 call a win, even if narrowly.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pittsburgh at Indianapolis

A month ago who would have predicted Indianapolis would be 11 point underdogs at home?  It's amazing how one injury can change a team.  The +/- for this game is only 39.5 points.

Eleven points is a lot to swallow, especially when your team is on the road and even more so after Pittsburgh's showing against Baltimore.  Indianapolis has never built their team around the defense and are accustomed to being ran over.  Unfortunately for them they don't have an offense this year to help bail them out.  While I expect Pittsburgh to win this one quite easily, I think 11 points is probably too much to give.  I'd stay away from this line, but if you absolutely must take a stance give the points, but expect it to be a nail biter.

Expect Pittsburgh to take off with a large lead early on.  When they're up 17-3 or so at halftime they'll change up their offense to run heavy plays to begin eating away at the clock.  Against any other team I'd say this will cause they them fall short on the point side, but this is the Indianapolis defense we're talking about.  Even running the ball they're going to score a few more times.  I would take the Over on this and feel pretty good about it. 

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